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Full Version: Hey Floydtown!!!!!!!
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2 more days my friend and it will be your 15th anniversary here on the boards Smile

Congrats Bob, I guess that means you truly are the "Senior" Member here, maybe you should get a prize, how about a Butt Donut, and a Bottle of nulytely, some preperation H, and a 3 days supply of Viagra [Image: tongue.gif]
I've gotta an old walker around here somewheres..
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Congratulations on 15 years, floydtown. Hope to see you here for 15 more.
Congrats on 15 years, wow!
Wow 15 years! Congrats man!
Holy wow 15 years? now THAT is impressive.
didnt you have anything better to do for 15 years..?......Tongue

just kidding....congrats on the achievement....Smile
Bump for the night. He's already had dinner at 5pm - he's probably sleeping already.

I kid, I kid! Congrats to a great member and mod!
Totally awesome Bob Big Grin!!! Amazing mod and one of top members.

Btw hope all is well over there. Stay safe and return home soon! Smile
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