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Any early opinions on the new exquisite? I'm thinking about preordering a box but does anyone think it will be as nice of a product with the college jerseys? $870 a box....... I just don't know. The look pretty nice though. Any opinions?
$870/box ... OUCH!!

weren't previous years around $550-650, when first released? I remember buying my first & only Exquisite box for $550...

it was a 2008-09 box, where I pulled a Lebron auto box (ser # 06/23), which I sold in DEC/JAN 2012... can't remember exact month..

Cards look beautiful.. & boxes will include one UD BLack card...?? Looks like the new thing to do in basketball boxes, is mix up the different products....

Fleer Retro had different insert designs throughout the years.
Panini had Preferred, which was a combination of Preferred & Crown Royal designs...

Exquisite 2011-12, will have exquisite & UD Black cards...

I don't get why UD says each box will contain one ROOKIE card /199 or less... a college card is not a RC card... 2011-12 season is over!! Why does UD put out products so late in the game?
*** Didn't Panini just release 2012-13 Prestige?? UD is behind on the curveball....

but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these.. but at that high cost per box.. forget it!! I will not buy any boxes... hoping to pick up a few reasonable priced singles instead, so UD loses out on my money!!

[Image: 11-12-Exquisite-Basketball-4.jpg]

In other news... RETRO costs $674.95 .... double what you could of bought it for... Who is making all the money... manufacturers or all the power dealers??? I am going for the power dealers, making more money than I will make in a life time.. & I make good money!!
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