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Some more of my pickups from the last couple weeks. The Gore black is one of my favorites. Also looking for any Gore autos from this year. I think theres like 7 and I have 2 of them shown here.

[Image: scan0001-6.jpg]
Aldon /10. 2 Gores /25. 1 /20.

[Image: scan0002-9.jpg]
Lamichael /25. Gore /25. Threads triple /15.
Pure sickness man!!!!
Some Sweet Looking Cards...
Beautiful pickups. Love that UD Black Frank Gore auto/patch card. The patches on it rock. And of course the Exquisite 1/1 triple auto card makes me drool.
wow great stuff nice pick ups
Nice triple! I had the please or watching the Niners DESTROY the Jets on Sunday at Citi Field. Ill tell you , I cant wait for them to start using Kaepernick like they did! He will go far with them!
All sick, but the Gore black and the Exquisite 1/1 just Filthy Smile

Nice pick ups!
Thanks a lot guys! I love them!
Awesome stuff, bud! Love that Aldon Smith BF card. And the sick Gore UD Black. But the 1/1 is just jaw-dropping. Congrats!
Pure sickness bro... Quick question tho... How long did it take you to complete the frank gore by the letter set? I just pick up the "k"
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