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Seen it in a description for a vintage card. I know what trimmed is, what is skinned?
I don't know, sorry. Could you give an example?
I think it might refer to a card that was glued in a scrap book and later removed. (Essentially, the back would be torn off). Just a guess though. I'd be curious to know the actual answer.
Here is an example:

(completed auction)

SGC will not encapsulate rebacked cards where there are elements of two different cards combined to make one.

SGC will now encapsulate skinned Old Judges where a layer(s) is missing from the back of the card but is otherwise entirely original. They will be labeled Authentic - Skinned. This is new as of this year.

Most cards are quickly identified by the presence of the "Old Judge" advertising on the front of the card. The backs are blank. Among collectors, there have been certain cards that have been modified to remove the photo from the backing due to damage and were restored. This process is known as "skinning, " while a card that has had its cardboard backing replaced is called a "rebacked" card. These are acceptable among some (but not all) collectors, as long as they are divulged to have been done.
Saw this on a card forum, sounds like the removal of the back:

One can not simply soak the back off a card, a skinned card is peeled apart and will leave visible signs.
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