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I picked up a box of 2010 World of Sports as a passing thought, I had an inkling to crack one for a few days.

I've never seen a box so loaded with Championships / Olympic medals -

[Image: 121001_0002.jpg]
This guy's pretty good at golf, and won a few tournaments in his career..

[Image: 121001_0004.jpg]
Stefan Della Rovere - Love the Team Canada pic - part of the WJC team that won Gold in 2009 and Silver in 2010

[Image: 121001_0003.jpg]
Heather Mitts - 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist in Soccer (2004,2008,2012)

[Image: 121001_0005.jpg]
Anderson Silva - current UFC Middleweight Champion

Oh, and one more guy, you might know him.. he's well known for being "all wet" ..

[Image: 121001_0007.jpg]
Michael "Wanna see all my Olympic Gold Medals" Phelps!!!

Yes, this was all one box!!
That's a great box, wow.
Sick phelps auto !
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