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Went to the show yesterday and only had 5 dealers lol Was kinda sad actually. Nothing really there for the Manning PC but I did pick up a few for others as well as several boxes. Enjoy!

2012 Elite:
[Image: Oct01612.jpg]
[Image: Oct01613.jpg]

2007 Co-Signers:
[Image: Oct01614.jpg]

2012 Momentum:
[Image: Oct01615.jpg]

1997 Topps Stars - Best thing about this box is I got all 100 base cards AND all 25 rookies - Full set! And managed to pull one of the autos that is seeded at 1 in 3 boxes.
[Image: Oct01616.jpg]

2012 Platinum:
[Image: Oct01617.jpg]
[Image: Oct01618.jpg]
[Image: Oct01619.jpg]
[Image: Oct01620.jpg]
[Image: Oct01621.jpg]

Show Pickups:
[Image: Oct01622.jpg]

Manning Mail:
[Image: Oct01623.jpg]
[Image: Oct01624.jpg]
Nice stuff brane
Thank you sir!
Nice Break and pickups!!!
Sweet Manning auto card.

Love the Jordans as well. I like how even base cards of Jordan seem like a major pickup...
Thanks! I've kinda stopped on Jordans so when I found nothing else I went ahead and got them lol
How much Paypal for the Janoris Jenins!? PM me
Id say you did really well with your box breaks. Very nice Luck in the Momentum. Great Floyd inscriptions in the Elite, mel said those graded really well. Really like the Kellen Winslow auto too! Grossman had to cause the value of that Manning card to go up lol.
Some Nice Stuff there... Not bad for only 5 Dealers.
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