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Mainly looking to sell. Sell prices are listed. Will also trade towards Musial Autos and Brady/Rodgers or a Locker Contenders/SPA Autos ONLY!!!! Site has been running very slow so it will take time to get everything added. Most should already be in there.

$25 Roy Helu Auto /20 RC
[Image: HeluRoyUltimateAutoRef.jpg]

$40 Billy Simms Triple Patch Auto
[Image: SimmsBillyPatchAuto.jpg]

$30 Brandon Marshall Helmet Auto RC
[Image: MarshallBrandonSSAuto.jpg]

$25 Marques Colston Auto
[Image: ColstonMarques5StarAuto.jpg]

$40 Devin Hester Auto RC
[Image: HesterDevinContAuto.jpg]

$90 Michael Crabtree Patch 4 Color Auto RC
[Image: CrabtreeMichaelSPAPatchAuto.jpg]

$25 Alex Green 2x Prime Auto RC
[Image: GreenAlexNTAutoPatch.jpg]

$15 Locker/Gabbert/Dalton/Ponder Quad Jsy RC
[Image: DaltonPonderGabbertLockerQuad.jpg]

$25 Drew Brees Prime Patch /25
[Image: BreesDrewLCMFOTGPatch.jpg]

$75 Sam Bradford Auto RC
[Image: BradfordSAmUnrivaledAuto-1.jpg]

$35 Von Miller AUto RC
[Image: MillerVonUltAuto.jpg]

$20 for the lot (2 Cards) Von Miller Auto RCs
[Image: MillerVonSageAuto.jpg]
[Image: MillerVonSAGEAutob.jpg]

$35 Demaryius Thomas Patch Auto RC
[Image: ThomasDemaryiusPPAutoPatch.jpg]

$90 Ryan Mathews Triple Patch Auto RC
[Image: MathewsRyanFiveStar.jpg]

$35 Cam Newton Dual Prime RC
[Image: NewtonCamNTDualPatch.jpg]

$80 Eli Manning/Holmes Dual Auto /25
[Image: ManningHolmesDualAuto.jpg]

$70 Dez Bryant Auto RC
[Image: BryantDezContAuto.jpg]

$40 Rob Gronkowski Auto RC
[Image: GronkowskiRobCrownRoyaleAuto.jpg]

$125 Peyton Manning 3x Jersey Auto
[Image: ManningPeytonTripleJsyAuto.jpg]

$40 Joe Theismann Gold Auto
[Image: TheismannJoeUDBlackAuto.jpg]

$50 Torrey Smith Patch 3 Color Auto RC
[Image: SmithTorreySPAAuto.jpg]

$40 Spiller Contenders Auto RC
[Image: SpillerCjContAuto.jpg]

$120 Matt Ryan Patch Auto RC
[Image: RyanMattLimitedAutoPatch.jpg]

$50 Torrey Smith Auto Patch RC
[Image: SmithTorreyBookAutoPatch.jpg]

$65 Tony Romo 3x Jersey Auto
[Image: RomoTonyExqJsyAuto.jpg]

$50 Spiller/Demaryius/Best Triple Prime Tag 21/25#d (Spiller's JSY #)
[Image: SpillerBestThomasTriplePrime.jpg]

$50 Michael Vick Auto
[Image: VickMichaelSSAuto.jpg]

$135 Rob Gronkowski Jumbo Patch Auto RC /15
[Image: GronkowskiRobJumboAuto.jpg]

$100 Peyton Manning Auto
[Image: ManningPeytonSPAuto.jpg]

$40 Steven Jackson Auto Jsy RC
[Image: JacksonStevenSpxAutoJsy-1.jpg]

$25 Chris Johnson Auto RC (has chipping on bottom)
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsAuto.jpg]

$42 Warren Moon Patch Auto
[Image: MoonWarrenLimitedAuto.jpg]

$28 Emmitt Smith Prime Patch
[Image: SmithEmmittPatch.jpg]

$65 Mark Sanchez RC
[Image: SanchezMarkLetterAuto.jpg]

$35 Troy Aikman Triple Patch
[Image: AikmanTroyExqPatch-1.jpg]

$50 Sam Bradford Auto RC
[Image: BradfordSamPPAuto.jpg]

$50 Greg Jennings Auto RC PSA 9
[Image: JenningsGregContAuto.jpg]

$40 Roger Craig Quad Jsy Auto
[Image: CraigRogerQuadAuto.jpg]

$140 Christian Ponder Patch Auto RC
[Image: PonderChristian5StarAutoPatch.jpg]

$120 Dan Marino Auto Jersey /15
[Image: MarinoDanLimitedAutoJsy-1.jpg]

$20 Emmanuel Sanders Quad Helmet/Jsy RC (Has edge wear, card is REALLY thick)
[Image: SandersEmmanuelQuadGU.jpg]

$40 Mark Ingram Auto Patch RC
[Image: IngramMarkAutoPatch.jpg]

$40 Ted Williams Jsy
[Image: WilliamsTedAmericanaJsy.jpg]

$50 Robinson Cano Auto Jsy
[Image: CanoRobinsonSterlingJsyAuto.jpg]

$50 David Wright Auto Jsy Gold /20
[Image: WrightDavidGoldAutoJsy.jpg]

$30 Mel Ott Quad Bat
[Image: OttMelQuadBat.jpg]

$100 Ripken Quad GU Auto
[Image: RipkenCalQuadJsyAuto.jpg]

$60 Josh Hamilton Auto Bat
[Image: HamiltonJoshTTTAutoBat.jpg]

$50 Jackie Robinson 2x Jersey
[Image: RobinsonJackieTributeJsy.jpg]

$30 Dustin Pedroia Auto Jersey
[Image: PedroiaDustinAutoJsy.jpg]

$40 Matt Moore Auto RC
[Image: MooreMattBCAuto.jpg]

$50 Matt Moore Auto Ref RC
[Image: MooreMattBCRefAuto.jpg]

$80 Ryan Braun/Pence/Hollday Triple Patch 1/1
[Image: BraunPenceHollidayTTT1of1-1.jpg]

$20 Miguel Cabrera Foldout Patch
[Image: CabreraMiguelBookletPatch.jpg]

$40 Robinson Cano Auto Jersey
[Image: CanoRobinsonFinestAutoJsy-1.jpg]

$50 Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey
[Image: HamiltonJoshTributeJsyAuto.jpg]

$50 Ryan Zimmerman Auto RC PSA 9
[Image: ZimmermanRyanBCAuto.jpg]

$50 Frank Thomas Auto Jersey
[Image: ThomasFrankTTAutoJsy.jpg]

$55 Mantle Bat /36
[Image: MantleMickeyTTTRedBat.jpg]

$50 Mattingly Auto Bat
[Image: MattinglyDonAutoBat.jpg]

$50 Matt Kemp Auto Jsy /25
[Image: KempMattUDJsyAuto.jpg]

$40 Roy Halladay Auto Jsy
[Image: HalladayRoyFinestAutoJsy-1.jpg]

$80 Roy Halladay Auto
[Image: HalladayRoyTierAuto-1.jpg]

$100 Alex Rodriguez Auto
[Image: RodriguezAlexSSAuto.jpg]

$40 Red Schoendienst Auto Jsy /18
[Image: SchoendienstRedTTTAutoJsy-1.jpg]

$60 Josh Hamilton Auto Bat
[Image: HamiltonJoshTTTAutoBat.jpg]

$50 Gio Gonzalez Ref Auto RC
[Image: GonzalezGioBCRefAuto_zpsb79fad2b.jpg]

$60 Griffey Auto /100
[Image: GriffeyKenJrAutoGold.jpg]

$90 Arod Pujols Jersey Booklet /9
[Image: PujolsArodTTTGold.jpg]
Trout Orange Refractor BC RC, Arod SS Auto, Arod/Pujols TTT, both Cano Auto/Jsys, the Ryan Mathews Book Patch Auto, and the Torrey Smith PLaybook Patch Auto have been sold. Anyone else?
Anyone else?
Matt Moore BC Ref Auto RC is gone, anyone else?
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I am kinda tapped to buy, but if you are interested in trading the Crabtree and Craig check me for them. thanks
I'd move the Craig for your Maclin SPA.
I have a brady printing plate if your interested in trading for brees and colston. I would like to get a little more value since the printing plates are selling for around 75-100 on ebay.

Heres my link to Photo Bucket:
Appreciate the offer but not interested in that card for both the brees and colston let alone adding to get it.
(10-03-2012 10:49 AM)bgt masters of tikid Wrote: [ -> ]I'd move the Craig for your Maclin SPA.
The Maclin is gone. I didnt realize it was still in my bucket.
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