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citing this article:

i was drooling over my new triple threads harper auto and then i decided to peruse the bay and look at some others to see what they were going for. i noticed that all of the on card autos from TTT are signed with the big "BH", while the sticker autos have the BHarper-ish.

my curiosity has me here. which were signed first, the on cards, or the stickers? i suppose the stickers could have been signed before the cards were printed months prior, or vise versa.

my guess is the stickers are old and were signed well before hand.
I think you're right. The 'BH' sig he has is brand new. The stickers were probably left over from a previous signing.
Beckett magazine just did an article on the evolution of Harper's sig. I believe the BH is the more recent incarnation. A lot of it has to do, too, with how many cards he had to sign. I think when he signed fewer cards, he signed his full-ish name.
BH is more recent, BHarper is older.
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