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I'm a Celtics collector and I'm looking for autos of players in Celtics uniforms. I have autos all sports in my org and I also have Celtics to trade also PM me if you are also looking for Celtics and want to trade.
offer sent w/ comments!
open offer sent. check out my photobucket for pics.
Ninjoker I sent you a offer of the cards I like. I never got your offer so I have a open offer to you if you like any that I have.
offer sent
I have these 2 Rondo autos:

2006-07 Bowman Elevation Rookie Writing Autographs #RR Rajon Rondo
2008-09 Upper Deck Radiance AU Standard #AURR Rajon Rondo/25

How much trade value are you looking for on the A-Rod?
Is there anymore players in Celtics uniforms for trade I have many autos to offer.
I have some I may be willing to trade as I collect some Celtics also but I am only looking for the players in my sig or if you have any racing let me know.
Kevinr I also Collect Bird and KG that I keep for my PC but I have some racing LMK what you are looking for.
I have a Bob Cousy auto.. This HOFer only has 70 autos & most have a print run of 25 or less. Only two autos released in 2010-11.. no autos so far produced in 2011-12.. not sure if Mr. Cousy will sign any more cards in the future...

2009-10 Timeless Treasures Signatures Silver #76 Bob Cousy (ser # 25/25)
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