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And so i had another trip to the lcs this morning ... day was good and i was feeling lucky . Lcs had only a few football boxes on the shelf . i got drawn to Momentum and bought the box cheap for $175. this is the same lcs which i pulled my r/s andrew luck 2 weeks ago so as always i was hoping for the biggie hits . eventually the only hits i had were all directed to the balls and this really hurt

without further adieu here they are

at least a russell wilson sighting

then a nice jumbo

[Image: EFA3C94C-orig.jpg]

then the autos

[Image: 6BB76DD4-orig.jpg]

[Image: FB74D01C-orig.jpg]

[Image: 2F3BC992-orig.jpg]

WOW i got gold effin GOLD /49

[Image: E4AE371A-orig.jpg]

then my Auto RC Jersey

[Image: 4E206F32-orig.jpg]

and as if the box wanted to console me it gave me an extra Auto RC Jersey which might be my best hit of the box

[Image: C9BB64FA-orig.jpg]

freaking redemption of Bernard Pierce woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

at this point i am bleeding and in state of shock $175 down the drain and cant even recoup $50 back

shop owner gave me 3 free packs of 2012 Topps WWE to console me and boooooooom box savers came in the form of 3 WWE packs

First Pack

got me this 3 colored sick Miz Relic

[Image: A1DAF30E-orig.jpg]

second pack was a dud

and this one came from the last pack

[Image: 61D2094D-orig.jpg]

cant figure out who it is ?

then i might as well recent sales

it is CM Punk on Jericho Printing Plate 1/1

[Image: 059A8C12-orig.jpg]

i guess my free packs are way greater than the box i bought

thanks for looking
Bernard Pierce is going to be good, I think. I can't comment on the WWE though, I didn't even know what it all meant. Haha

I just know one is a plate and the other is a relic, the rest was in some other language. :-)
Ouch. Win some lose some. Momentum seems like a dud this year. Irvin did look good though in the infamous incomplete reception game.
Believe it or not, your break was MUCH better than mine!
Nice wrestling hits!
Interested in the Ronnell Lewis auto. Check me for it.

Tough break on the Momentum. I could use the Polk if it's FT.
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