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I am looking for the last 17 Refractors that I need for my 1993-94 Finest Master set.

I also want any OKC Thunder cards that catch my eye... and I am always looking for GU, 90's inserts, and RCs of Kobe Bryant. I also would have interest in any Dennis Rodman cards with him depicted in a college uniform that I don’t have already.

(The Hakeem auto has edge issues like most UD black does and it also has a ding in one corner on the back.)

[Image: mmailday_0002.jpg]

[Image: 88fleer.jpg]

Here are the 1993-94 Finest Refractors I need
7 Alexander
12 Marciulionis
26 Hurley
36 Malone
48 Morris
49 Day
66 Anthony
84 Cheaney
102 Wilkins CF
106 Miller CF
113 Rodman MF
116 Jackson MF
142 Woolridge
147 Maxwell
180 Mayberry
182 Fox
211 Davis
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(10-01-2012 07:48 PM)limitedplay Wrote: [ -> ]PM sent

PM returned ...

EVERYONE FYI - I am looking for OKC players and Kobe cards if you don't have any of my refractors. I can sell the cards and buy the refractors I need if you don't have any OKC or Kobe that fit the bill for the card(s) you are interested in.
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