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Looking to trade this towards an auto with just Stamkos. Im not a big Brassard fan so I hope I can get rid of it....shoot me offers, I already have a few out there.

[Image: IMAG0151.jpg]
I'll trade you my Stamkos/Brassard auto for your Stamkos/Brassard auto! Hehe!

I know this isn't a Stamkos auto....but are you interested in this 08-09 Stamkos?

[Image: SteveStamkosSPxSpxcitementSpectrumRC.jpg]
have this if interested

[Image: StevenStamkossignificance50.jpg]
08-09 ultimate signatures?
[Image: 001-39.jpg]
Any updates?
Sorry guys I've been away for the past few days. We were on cape cod and stopped in boston and I found a Stamkos 11-12 elite signings for $25 so.i had to pick it up. I wish i would've waited now! I forgot I even posted this....been a crazy long week
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