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I'll try this again, first time had some problems with Photobucket. All is in my Org and all except PC are for trade. Good mix of products from low to high end. Also got some stuff graded for the first time mixed in here as well. Comments and trades are welcomed Smile

**UPDATE** Received some more stuff in, I posted the pics after the PC stuff. Again all is for trade and in my Org. Thanks for looking!

[Image: img233_zpsaffa74ff.jpg]

[Image: img228_zps0fe44715.jpg]

[Image: img229_zps0423a3b0.jpg]

[Image: img230_zps072cd35e.jpg]

[Image: img232_zps46d237e2.jpg]

A little bit higher end

[Image: img234_zpsc9432182.jpg]

And PC Stuff Smile

[Image: img235_zpsc42374ad.jpg]

[Image: img236_zps5d2c5738.jpg]

[Image: img241.jpg]

[Image: img242.jpg]

[Image: img243.jpg]

[Image: img245.jpg]
Wow, your PC pick ups are incredibly sick!!! Awesome show all around!

Thanks Ashley! It's nice to get sick PC hits in group breaks, restores the faith.
Those are sick cards you picked up. Nice Miller cards.
wowow patches everywhere congrats on the additions
Brilliant pick-ups, Todd! Congrats on the very nasty patches!

Thanks boys! Sometimes Lady Luck is on your side. If anyone has anymore sick Sabres patches, you know where to find me haha.
I haven't seen a Manon Rheaume auto since she first started back in the 90's. not really into Hockey but I have to say you got some sweet Patches and auto's. congrats.
those are some awesome pickups ...they will go great in your PC Congrats!
Great looking pick ups!!!
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