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Does it bother anyone else that some of the lower #'ed cards have one color patches? It just seems to me that the joy of getting the lower #'ed pulls is usually the low number and the unique patches, but when you see /10 and /25's without more than one color? Just curious...
Yeah, that's definitely annoying. I've got a couple of 1/1's with 1-color jersey swatches on them. Definitely detracts from the overall card quality in my opinion.
Doesnt bother me anymore. With so many color variations low numbered cards dont mean much to me anymore. I remember getting a Ricky Williams card numbered to 25 back in 2003 and it was the lowest numbered card I had ever own. Now I have 43 cards numbered 5 or less. Its a joke IMO.
yeah, what branesergen said.
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