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Wife wanted me to get box 4, but I didn't respond to the email in time so Chris rolled the die, lone and behold it landed on 4.

Here's the break!! This is my first ever attempt at Triple Threads.
wow...2 sweet 1/1 patches...congrats
I like the Posey!
please give me first shot at the posey and weeks... I am collecting all 2012 TTT patches /3 or less please!!!!
One of the best breaks I've ever seen, congrats my friend!
Sweet, 2 1/1s all 4 cards /10 and under. very nice.
That Posey is pretty sick!
Thanks guys. I absolutely love the Posey. I would love to see Cutch win the batting title, but man it'd be nice if Posey won it LOL.

I did however notice that my Andy Pettitte is # 10/10. Those versions are supposed to be #/18.

If someone has better eyes can you verify that it is indeed 10/10?
Sick box!!!! Love Moose! That was a case hit and more!!! wtg!
I just picked up his 1/1 ruby relic non auto as well. So I have both Moose 1/1s Smile
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