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My wife and I had a blast with this and the cards look amazing! Panini did a phenomenal job! Throwing everything up on Ebay however, I'd consider trading for any Crosby cards from this set. Thanks for the look and comments are welcome!

Base /199 - Hull x2, Kessel, Parise, CROSBY, Lehtonen, Byfuglien, Eriksson, Thornton
Jersey cards /100 - Richards, Backlund, Datsyuk, Boychuk, Kruger

[Image: preview_image_0_69692552x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_57439482x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_98747202x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_57605852x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_36216092x.jpg] x2
[Image: preview_image_0_27864312x.jpg?t=1348863131]
[Image: preview_image_0_86763162x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_21942122x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_85798262x.jpg?t=1348881887]
[Image: preview_image_0_80915852x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_62659012x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_24816932x.jpg?t=1348881703] x2
[Image: preview_image_0_89240352x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_20753022x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_41892712x.jpg]

Now on to the top hits!

[Image: preview_image_0_82386212x.jpg?t=1348881024]

[Image: preview_image_0_75355552x.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_0_24701552x.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_0_32967522x.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_0_35354742x.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_0_53004462x.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_0_80479312x.jpg]

Two sided
[Image: preview_image_0_21891252x.jpg]
[Image: preview_image_0_55652152x.jpg?t=1348881004]

[Image: preview_image_0_10517652x.jpg]

and last but not least.....

[Image: preview_image_0_48642542x.jpg?t=1348882208]

[Image: preview_image_0_14844902x.jpg?t=1348882201]
Okay... that is absolutely insane!!! I have never seen so many disgusting patches in one place! Congrats!!!

You have a lot of cards that are going to interest a lot of people on these boards haha. Those are amazing!
Nice! As a Wings fan, that Brendan Smith is awesome. But all those hits are insane.
Sick patches
Nice stuff man... further proof that Dominion blows Cup into pieces, then spits on the pieces, then sets the pieces on fire then says Your Not Worthy... haha I love that stick card.
Thanks everyone! irbe - I couldn't agree with you more hahaha! Just an FYI I'm on the look out for any Crosby cards from this set, I only have the base thus far.
Outstanding hits! (Of course, if you don't think the Bourque auto/patch is considered a "major" hit, you can just give it to me. I'll give it a good home! LOL)

You killed it if you were a Rangers fan. That Hagelin & the dual auto/patch are insane! Very nice!
azicet - I agree with you that I should have put the Bourque in the top hits - I didn't realize it was a SP!
Absolutely amazing. Those cards and patches are insane. I am drooling over that Bourque. Congrats in the breaj.
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