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I know this has been asked before, but are there ways to print out a checklist of cards for a player without copying and pasting them all?
I hope so@ I want to know too! And about hat PM- whats the cheapest auto I can get?
i did it like this, go to your organize and click 'add a collection" name the collection and then go to price guides,(or checklists?) search players name and then click select all and click add to organize.(you do this for each page until all are added) a small window will prompt you to pick which coll you want to add to. this way you can add a whole page at a time. to print, go to player coll in your org and click print coll. ive found that it doesnt always print the list in the same order as in the collection. hope this helped...
if you pay for a opg, just search for the player in the opg,if you search for the full name, the first item to pop up should be a link to his name. click the first entry

youll get a page that looks something like this:

you see 4 icons near the top left. the third from the left is a checklist

that will open in a new tab or window, and should be a printable checklist for you

for cromartie:

you can also click on any card a player has, then on the left, click on the player's name, then click the checklist
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