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Looking to trade these two Jimmy Graham 2012 Elite cards. The auto is #ed 4/20 and the non auto is #ed 5/20, they both came from the same box oddly enough. I only collect rc's, just send me an open offer.

Thx, Art
[Image: wassept001.jpg]
I like big Bumps!!!!!
Art,....please check me for the graham auto.
Would love a shot at them, please check my bucket.

Have andy dalton contenders Auto and Blaine Gabbert contenders Auto RCs if your interested id liek to try to get the autoed one thanks!
Offer sent
interested Smile
(09-29-2012 09:57 PM)MiamiHurricane1981 Wrote: [ -> ]Art,....please check me for the graham auto.

Chris, I have to admit I totally forgot about you collecting the Canes. Sorry about that. I got an offer I could not refuse for the auto and ate it up. JLMK if you need the non auto to #20.

Thx, Art
Another offer sent.
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