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I have had a really nice mail week this week. Very happy with all my pickups.

First off I'll start with a nice Super Mario jersey and sweet Lalime Artist Proof from 97-98 Score
[Image: img478.jpg]
Wouldn't mind picking up the rest of the Pens in the Artist Proofs if anyone happens to have them.

Moving on to some nice Pens RCs
[Image: img480.jpg]
The Bort is really, really nice, both primes are 3 colors

Now on to my main PC player. First a couple of really nice autos.
[Image: img476.jpg]

Some Prime Namesakes
[Image: img475.jpg]
Really want to spell his name, so if anyone knows or has any lmk.

and now for the 1/1, even though it is a show stamped card, I got this for a real steal @ 7.99.
[Image: img477.jpg]

Well that's the mail for this week. If anyone is hiding any Despres I don't have please check my org to see if we can work out a trade.

Thanks for the look, comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Brilliant adds, Walt!!! Congrats! It does not matter if it's a show 1/1... it's a 1/1! Haha! Great stuff and thanks for sharing!

Nice cards, that Bortuzzo is amazing
very impressive my friend! Those are some truly great pickups. that 1/1 is super sweet with the Despres 2 clr, the Lalime is outstanding...They all are superb!!!!!!

Congrats on smoe nice mail!
wow i really like the bortuzzo and the despres letters...those look great!
Great pick up. A 1/1 is still a 1/1 as long as its not an ebay 1/1.
Nice stuff
very nice pick ups on your pc
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