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Ok so i recently won this Gronkowski auto off ebay....however the auto looks diff then any other auto i have seen him sign. The card looks legit but the auto doesnt match any of his others that i have seen....what do you guys think???

If you go to ebay and type in "Gronkowski Elite NFL Logo Autograph" you will see this exact card with what looks like a legit auto
If the back matches the back in the scan I would say you're ok. He may have had a bad day or something when he signed that one or it could have been number 12,452 of the day he signed lol. I dont know it does look fake but the card looks legit.
Upon further investigation I think its legit.
Yea the card looks 100% legit the auto just looks COMPLETELY diff i have seen 1000s of his autos but never seen one look like that
That auto looks oddly strange
(09-28-2012 01:31 PM)r23b Wrote: [ -> ]That auto looks oddly strange

My thoughts exactly....i just dont really know what to think. If someone can find another of his autos that even remotely looks like this it would make me feel better......but ive seen 1000s and never seen one like this. Its my own dumb fault for buying it i guess.
Can you put a picture on here? Can't go to ebay at work Sad
IMO Gronk just messed that one up. Trust me sign your name 5 thousand times and see how off some look after a few hours
I have signed 2 pieces of paper back to back and neither looks the same lol
(09-28-2012 02:10 PM)Magnifico21 Wrote: [ -> ]Can you put a picture on here? Can't go to ebay at work Sad

here ya go Smile

[Image: gronkowskielite.jpg]
all his autos are sloppy and ugly, but they all tend to look similiar, and imo that one dont look at all like the others.
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