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Picked up 3 boxes of Americana after being turned off by a box that was missing a hit. Glad I got back on the horse. Nothing available, yes that includes the soccer hits, sorry...

Not scanned :
Gary Hall Sr. - olympic swimmer 060/299
Mark Spitz - Bronze PROOF base parallel - 075/100

now scans!

Some astronauts:

[Image: 100_1490.jpg]

[Image: 100_1489.jpg]

Another kind of hero - a Congressional Medal of Honor winner :

[Image: 100_1511.jpg]

Text from the back notes that not only was he wounded several times, but was a prisoner of war for nearly 2 years....

Now some sporting ladies!

[Image: 100_1510.jpg]
67/99 - big fan!!

[Image: 100_1509.jpg]

Some Bronze -
[Image: 100_1494.jpg]
Bronze PROOF base parallel - 026/100

Some Silver -
[Image: 100_1500.jpg]
Silver PROOF Jersey parallel - 08/25 - Nice patch!

Some Gold -
[Image: 100_1501.jpg]
Gold PROOF Jersey parallel - 06/10 - another Nice patch!

oh, and one more I "SAVED" for last..

got pretty happy with this..

[Image: 100_1506.jpg]
96/99 - What a great auto!

Really like this product!

as said, no nothing available..
Awesome break! Im drooling over that Solo right now!
Nice solo totally worth getting those boxes
Nice hope auto
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