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No Luck or RG3 rookies, but at least got a Russell Wilson base and Xfractor, and a Lamichael James black refractor. The Alshon Jeffrey is a PC hit too, so that is nice. Too early to tell on any other rookies for the most part! Everything else will be FT.

[Image: 2012PlatinumBreak.jpg]
Nice Still and Wilsons
Nice patch
Tough one. Those die-cuts are pretty cool though.
I have had hit or miss also...
Thats a nice Wright Patch Auto. He had a pretty good preseason. I think once he starts playing this season, he could make an impact
If it's FT I would be interested in that Rainey..
i would say not to bad u got a nice patch atleast
I am trying to complete this set. If you are looking to unload some of your rookies let me know. I need a good amount and I have the big dogs out of the way. I would certainly be willing to trade and also willing to buy at a reasonable price if you have several that I need.
I would be interested in the LMJ black refractor.
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