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Full Version: 2 box TTT
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Best card is triple auto #/27 Johnson, rameriz, Stanton MARLINS
Other hits include
Koufax relic/36
Ike Davis/99
Josh johnson auto relic
Mccutchon base #/50
Rickie weeks auto relic
Marlins triple relic/27 Reyes, rameriz, Stanton marlins again (WTF)
Not listing other bases but a couple of 625, one 250

For what i payed for the boxes I don't know. What does every one else think
Break even or lose. Might post on eBay but well see.
id say u did well!! triple auto may get half ur money back. r any for trade? like a shot at the Koufax.
You got a triple AU/GU and a Koufax. With those alone you did very well. I'd be interested in the Koufax.
Koufax alone its a nice break!!
Sandy is nice maybe u will break even
id be interested in the weeks
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