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Full Version: 2012 SP Authentic
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Pulled this one from 2012 SP Authentic...took me just under 3 boxes. I think the autographs are on card...which is always a plus. I'd love to bust more of this too, but I have a feeling the product will be taking off.

Already sold it, but maybe I should have just held on to it for a little bit longer.

What else you get? That is an amazing pull!
just pulled the following:

Another sweet pull. Would love to trade for any Tigers you pulled Smile
those are very nice
Are you looking to trade? I might be interested
(10-11-2012 03:10 AM)ger12 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you looking to trade? I might be interested

sorry, had to sell both of them. i busted close to two cases already...and since not many of the rookies sell for much, i had to sell the big ones to enable to bust more. viscous cycle...viscous.
I just noticed retail at Target, might buy a box even though it might be hard to get a hit.
Any other autos? I would be interested in those perhaps
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