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I have a 2004-05 Ultra Platinum Medallion Michael Olowokandi, (I know, impressive right?). My question is, according to beckett and other Platinums from this year the print for my card should run to 100. Mine has no number? Here is the pic front and back. I am not sure, but if it's not a legit Platinum then I'm gonna have to find a real one. Any info would be great!

[Image: Olowokandi2%20252_zpsd361185e.jpg]
[Image: Olowokandi48_zps140880cd.jpg]
You likely have a card from the Fleer bankruptcy auction. Cards like this were put aside to replace damaged cards. They could be serial numbered to whatever number they were replacing, hence no number on the back.

There likely aren't very many of these out there as they were intended to be replacements. What you have is a legitimate card, possibly tougher than a numbered platinum. It just did not come from a pack. Whether you want to get a numbered one is up to you.
I have a similar Karl Malone card and have thought the same thing. I think both of ours are either fakes or items that slipped out during the bankrupcy. I was checking the web for similar cards and it appears that the serial number should be on the upper left on the back. Here is an example of a card that shows it:

Note I am not trying to endorse this card or seller, but using it to point out how a card should look.
Thanks for the responses! I'd have to agree with Kesscards, the replacement card makes sense. I will still buy the one with the printed # if I can ever find it. I really didn't think it would be a fake as the craftsmanship was superior, and the time and cost of making a counterfeit $6. Olowokandi would seem absurd.
Ya there are all kinds of these around. I personally would rather have the numbered one. The numbered ones seem to go for more too. The whole back-doored thing just stinks it up IMO.
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