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(09-27-2012 03:23 PM)bengu Wrote: [ -> ]I'm honestly speechless right now! You have cards I literally drooled over / dreamed about for years when I was a kid lol!!! And a BGS 8.5 Star XRC!!!!!!!!! Holy cow that thing is a beauty and I'm sure it's the crown jewel of your collection & who could blame ya!! Thanks for taking time out to answer my request. I know the majority of the people on card forums are only interested in themselves & their own collections... But I give respect & admiration to anyone who's collection is impressive.... And your collection is just that!!!! Not everyone is a millionaire or had a silver spoon in their mouth growing up, I especially know what it's like to be on an average budget yet still love the hobby & slowly build an impressive collection!

So again.... Beautiful collection bro! It's an MJ collection that can stack up to any!

No problem! Thanks for the complements! It’s many years of collecting Smile I sure could use your MJ RC BGS9+! Haha I love to see others collections so I figured I should share mine as well. How about you? I don’t think I have seen your PC pictures. I would love to see your collection!
(09-27-2012 03:32 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote: [ -> ]love the collection & frame.... I want to do something like that with a few of my collections....
especially my Elite Black Box Lakers autos... still missing two cards.. Kareem & a Baylor redemption, which I redeemed a year ago... I missed out on two Kareem "elite signatures" so far... there are 8 more out there somewhere....

Thanks! Your Elite Black autos would looks great in a frame! A year ago? Great job Panini :/ Good luck on finding the last two. That's a great collection.
Its always great to see other peoples MJ collections, whether its a $100 to $1,000,000 collection i always appreciate the time and effort it takes!
Loving the XRC, Class acts and Honor roll refractors!
Well done on the collection and frame, some really nice cards in there!
This thread makes me want to show some of my nicer MJ cards Smile
Do it nick!!! What u got? Show us!
(09-29-2012 02:59 PM)bengu Wrote: [ -> ]Do it nick!!! What u got? Show us!

I got a lot of nice stuff. Not as many 9.5's but a lot of nice cards. I do not want to highjack his thread though.....
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