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I have like 8 pages of recently traded cards and was wondering how to remove them from that folder only? Some are doubles and if I send them to the trash and delete them it erases them from my collection folder too. Very time consuming to delete one by one....
Delete your trash, send Recently Traded to Trash, Move groups of Trash to desired Collection (use the text search to filter).
I use the tags, each tag has an x that you can use to delete the card from that collection
Ya showing the tags helps move things around easier without deleting or sending to trash. The drawback (and its not a big one) is you can only do one card at a time (only really annoying when the site is in super slow mode).
(09-26-2012 05:40 PM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]Delete your trash, send Recently Traded to Trash, Move groups of Trash to desired Collection (use the text search to filter).

that's the way i do it so i don't get doubles because it's very annoying when you have doubles in your ORG and they keep coming up in trades, even though the card is traded away.
When I receive cards from a trade I go into my organize and search the name and card number. The resulting search will reveal 2 records usually; one of the card in recently traded and one of the card in the collection I had it in showing as a want. Then I simply update the record that is in one of my collections and send the other card in recently traded to trash. After that I go to recently traded and look for the records of cards that I traded. If they show all 0's I send it to trash. If it still shows a quantity, I simply remove it from recently traded. Works for me.
Instead of manually removing 8 pages of cards by clicking 'X' on every single one, try this:

1) Create a new collection named "AABB." Starting with capital "A" puts the temporary collecton at the top of all lists making it easy to find.

2) Go into "Recently Traded" and choose 'Select Entire Collection' in order to select all 8 pages of cards.

3) Choose the 'Move To' option (NOT 'Add To') from the dropdown menu in order to move all 8 pages of cards into "AABB" at once. Your "Recently Traded" collection should now be empty. Everything has been moved into "AABB" while preserving any other tags - like "Strict PC" or "Awesome Traders" - that you already had on those cards.

4) Mouse over to the left, Right-Click "AABB" from your list of collections, and Left-Click 'Delete.' Now, only cards with multiple tags remain in your Organize. You'll find them only in whatever other collections you put them in because "AABB" no longer exists and "Recently Traded" is empty.

Other Info:

a) Any name for your temporary collection will work but I suggest starting with a capital "A" so it'll appear near the top of the 'Move To' drop-down. That way, you won't have to scroll down and look for it when it comes time to move stuff.

b) If you select 'Add To' instead of 'Move To' by mistake, then all you'll do is add yet another label to your cards.

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