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busted these from the lcs

[Image: scan0015.jpg]

[Image: scan0013.jpg]

[Image: scan0014.jpg]

[Image: scan0016.jpg]

im sure thse will sell better than some of the autos

[Image: scan0017.jpg]

your usual suspects

[Image: scan0018.jpg]

then my so called RPA's

[Image: scan0019.jpg]

All i can say is ouch

thanks for looking
Robert Turbin is this year's Jordan Todman.

And man, that Pierce redemption reminds me of all the Bilal Powell redemptions from last year.

But nice RGIIIs — is the one on the right the black refractor?

And by the way, I love it when anyone mentions "kick in the junk."
I hang on to that pierce, I think he looked pretty good last game they played.... he could turn out to be real solid come playoff time if ray rice gets injured or something.
At least the patches look cool. If you are trading, could really use the Blackmons. Thanks!
Could use the Criner RPA if it's available.
Could use the Claiborne x...
Id be interested in the Trent Richardson
Nice redemption
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