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Hey guys i wanted to know what you thought this cards value would be. Its a 2011-12 Fleer Retro Dennis Rodman Green PMG 10/10.Card is in mint condition and it is serial numbered to his jersey number and also, the last one made, Double Premium. The last jersey numbered PMG green was of Bill Russell and went for over 4,000 dollars on ebay. This one is of Dennis Rodman whom has more 90's inserts collectors than Russell and its double not only single premium. I've had a few people put estimates on what it would go for in ebay auction and I wanted to see what you all thought. Heres the scan or front and back:

[Image: dennisroman_zps0308d0e7.jpg]
[Image: backdennisrodamn_zps08fec8ac.jpg]
You could get a grand out of it if you sat on it... but then again the sales on this stuff are hot right now. I would say if you got $1k you would be ok...more if you are willing to sit on it. The russell is not a good measure compared to the rodman, IMO.

I went to Southestern OK state and I collect Rodman cards in his college Uni like this... this is a sweet card I wish I had the cash for.
sales for one of these has already gone for 1,500 and thats not jersey numbered.
It was $1300.... you have to view the original listing to see the actual sale price.

That sale was 2 weeks ago and the LeBron and MJ PMG sales have decreased since then. Wouldn't the Rodman reduce some as well? It is a Jersey #'d card, but I still think the Russell jersey #'d card is not a good comparison. $1500 wouldn't be out of reach.. but wouldn't be a quick sale either.
Maybe MJ and Lebron pmg sales has slowed down. But not the pmg green ones. Anyways Ive already had offers of over 3,000 and i declined.
If you are selling the card and have no intentions of keeping it... declining $3k was a mistake in my opinion. If you sell it for more than that, I would love to see a confirmed sale. Please post it on this thread. Good luck with the sale.
You're nuts for declining $3K , I'm assuming you got the card from a box which you spent $600 on. You could have just made a profit of over $2K on just single card. I agree with got whatcha want I believe over time the offers will only decrease.
thanks you guys i will post the confirmed sale.
Stupid move for declining $3K

That card is not gem mint... look at the chipping, that is seen on the back of card... lucky if you can get it graded at BGS-9.5, but I think it would either be a 8.5 or 9...

Sell it while the product is HOT... there are a few huge Rodman collectors overseas... but getting the funds & verifying that it will hit your account & not bounce (fraudulent buy) will take some time...
$3,000 and you didn't take it!?!? I would call that person back as soon as you can and get that deal done! You will NEVER get more then that.
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