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Apparently someone is counterfeiting Roy Nelson's signature on real TOPPS CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPH holo-stickers

From Roy's Twitter:

This signature is real. Apparently, Roy ALWAYS hand numbers the stickers he does.

Both of these are fake because they only read 'Big Country' and aren't hand-numbered on the sticker...

Fake Number One

Fake Number Two

Also, according to Nelson in the twitter conversation above, his contract only gave permission to Topps to use in its 2009 products...

Keep your eyes peeled, either Topps is pulling an Upper Deck by counterfeiting its own products or someone stole blank Topps Certified Auto holo-stickers and they may pop up elsewhere.

Spread the word...
This is very interesting, I see Chris Olds commented on it to, and brought up a good point, what about the leaf roy nelson autos? those are all unnumbered on the auto sticker. I guess we will have to wait and see what roy says about those. This is a pretty serious charge as big country is basically saying topps is producing fake autograph cards, at least his.
thanks for the heads up
Hey guys,

Sorry if I violate the TOS here by remote linking an article, but I thought I'd let you know I did up an article about this whole thing that compiles some information about the silver stickers and aims to dispel the notion of forgery. It's honestly nothing most of the community here doesn't know already, but it's a good place to point people toward that believe Roy sight unseen and are a bit afraid to buy a Topps product now because of his tweets.

Selfishly, it was finally an opportunity for me to combine two of my hobbies into one article. Smile


EDIT: Whoa when did forums lose their post counts and such here? I used to be a Beckett Mod and had 4000+ posts Confused
Nelson was angling to sell more of his photos on his website -- at a very high price (all going to him).
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