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Hey guys...I'm ordering from BO two boxes and the total is $112...

I know it is about 8$ shipping, so I'm just gonna spend the rest on supplies to get to the $150 free shipping.

I have enough sleeves but being out of the hobby for so long, theres a lot of different cases now.

(pre ordering Chrome and getting a box of USA baseball)

Anything besides the usual penny sleeves and team bags..Theres so many different top loaders now and magnet cases?

Thanks in advance
Without fail, I find that I go through top loaders a lot sooner than planned; the times when I've grabbed a couple of extra boxes have usually paid off.

Like you said, there's tons of different top loaders out now, and if other people respond, I'm sure you'll get lots of opinions. Personally, I like the Ultra Pro Premiums.

It might not hurt to get top loaders that accomodate relics/patches, etc., as well as a couple of magnet holders in case you encounter a card that you think belongs in one.
Toploaders are always a necessity, you can't go wrong with those and you will ALWAYS run out.
I'm not a fan of the magnet cases, I prefer the screwdowns. More permanent, but I like the look.
If you are trying to put either of those sets together, a binder and pages won't hurt.
Magnet holders in multiple sizes are what I like to buy for my PC, but toploaders are the same way. I like to have different thicknesses lying around because you never know what you might pick up and it is best to be prepared and not leave a card sitting on your desk unprotected for a few days while you go out and get holders. That just bugs me, as if something was going to happen to it in the meantime.

get some 35 pt magnetics for the chrome and a lot of toploaders. like others have said, you will ALWAYS run out.
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