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I cannot list these for sale on this site right now. I don't have them in my Organize. I am just trying to gauge the value of these to possible post for sale (somewhere) when the season starts.

I have gotten bored of them and it is time to move on.

Because I don't want to confuse anyone..I refuse to list the prices that I have in mind, but I would love to hear opinions of the Beckett community on the final sale value of these 2 complete and one partial autographed sets. I would like to know what you would think if I would list them as ebay with a BIN OBO or if I set at a no reserve auction of $.99 starting bid.

You opinions are welcome on this thread, thanks guys.

Complete 30 card set of 2009-10 '48 Bowman Autographs

[Image: 48b-set_0001.jpg]

[Image: 48b-set_0002.jpg]

[Image: 48b-set_0003.jpg]

[Image: 48b-set_0004.jpg]

Partial set (8 of 10) of 1997-98 Sign of the Times Stars and Rookies (missing Jordan and Drexler)

[Image: 9798sott_0009.jpg]

Complete 30 card set of 1997-98 SP Authentic Sign of the times.

[Image: 9798sott_0010.jpg]

[Image: 9798sott_0011.jpg]

[Image: 9798sott_0012.jpg]
Love those sets... I think the SOT sets would be easier to move... but I would think that some power seller would want to buy them for very cheap & break up the set... that is what happen to me, when I recently sold one of my Ultimate 2006-07 sets.. he broke it up & sold off the 4-5 stars.. but is having trouble moving the not as popular cards...

I believe your Bowman 48 auto set will go for $600-850. yes, I did compare my price to BV. Don't think I ever seen this set sold before...

the Sign of Times sets.. I am not too familiar with those.. I love the set. I only bought a few packs of that year, since I was not really collecting at the time...
without going card by card, i would think put the sot set up for a bin or bo of $550 and i think anywhere from 400-450 would not be a bad price for the lot, most of these cards sell for $5-$10. the bowman 48 set would sell for around $500 imo.
jpleaze- I have seen the 48 Bowman auto set listed on another forum for $660 and I am not sure what it was sold at. I have also thought of breaking it up to sell if selling... but then why did I even put it together in the first place? They were fun projects that are done or have lost their luster. I would love to hear opinions on the "break it up or not" debate.

Ping - That price range is where I was thinking on a straight auction starting at $0.99 on ebay, and the SOTT are actually two different sets... I would split the complete SOTT and the partial SOTT (S&R). The difference is hard to see, I know. The Stars and Rookies have the die-cut at the bottom of the card. The whole price for both you had is close to what I was thinking.
if you split any of them, LMK how much for Gugliotta pls
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