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This was mailed to me on August 20th, but according to the tracking number, it disappeared at customs for 3 weeks. I'd been in touch with Topps about it and heard nothing back, so I was worried it was gone, until it showed up this morning. Photo doesn't do it justice, the auto is of the nicest cards I've seen. #23/30. Anyway, just wanted to share. Would only be FT for a really nice HOF Auto.

[Image: harper.jpg]
Oh my, that is VERY nice.
That is one purty card!
Wow, that is really nicE!
envious. i wish i had a HOF to trade for that.
Crazy nice auto ... that's like a hybrid of his "old" and "new" sigs ... sweet!
very sweet auto!!
I love this card. Very nice.
I've had a couple cards recently take way too long to reach their destinations in Canada, don't know what's up with that. I have an ebay buyer still waiting a month after I sent the card.
Actually maybe coincidentally, maybe not, I sent the card on August 20th, same date as your Harper was sent. Interesting.
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