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Full Version: What to do????
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So bought the last box of Allen & Ginter's baseball cards the local shop had on the shelf. To my surprise i found (03/25 rip card). So my question, its a rare card in its self, keep it or rip it?
That's up to you. Are you a gambling man?! If you are, like myself, I would rip it.
I've never been lucky enough to have this problem Smile , but if it were me, I'd probably check the bay to see how much they were selling for; if they weren't going for as much as I'd want for it, I'd probably rip it just for the thrill. Who knows if you'll ever pull one again, after all.
I rarely if ever sell cards, and collect just for fun. The idea of a ripcard kind of feels like an extra dose of fun, IMO. I hope you'll let us know what you decide! Good luck, and congrats!
sell it unripped on ebay, never look back
If its not somebody you collect.... sell, sell, sell!
Traded my Brandon Phillips RIP for a Dodgers PC card worth about $120. I'm glad I did it, but still have that nagging feeling that maybe there was a red ink auto in it...!!
If money for cards is tight, the smart thing to do would be to sell it unripped. There's a better than even chance there's a run-of-the-mill EXT mini inside. That (unripped) card alone will more than pay for your box. JMO. -If you decide to rip, please post a pic of what you pull.
I have decided, (and ill prolly hate my self) im just going to set on the card awhile and not rip it. thanks for all the comments
Who is the card of? I have a /25 myself and ripped a pujols back in 07 and got an Alex Rodriguez ext.
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