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I posted earlier but it is somehow deleted. I have about 4,000 baseball cards valued at about $2,000. I am needing some baby stuff for the new addition. I would love to sell them all for a few hundred if possible. Shoot me an offer, help a fellow collector out Smile
anyone? all offers will be considered.
Congrats on being a new dad. It's an adventure.
thank you, I am excited!!
congratulations and good luck adjusting to the baby life, lol. We have #2 on the way
thank you dwegner, congrats and good luck to you as well!!
any help Sad
do you have any kind of list of what youve got?
(09-28-2012 06:48 PM)poolesidesports Wrote: [ -> ]do you have any kind of list of what youve got?

i have all my available cards in my org, the only sport i havent added yet is football. Everything else is in there under the sport followed by the word trade. if you ahve any wuestions please let me know.
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