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Hi all, I just wanted to share my master case of 2012 Triple Threads I opened today. I haven't bought anything for awhile so I splurged. Nothing is for trade at this time until BV come out for them. Thanks for looking...

[Image: TTB1017_zps5915f152.jpg]

[Image: TTB2018_zps5a3f890a.jpg]

[Image: TTB3019_zps4f55b4a5.jpg]

[Image: TTB4020_zps65a74f9f.jpg]

[Image: TTB5021_zps03593d16.jpg]

[Image: TTB6022_zpsb97343ef.jpg]

[Image: TTB7023_zpsa06e5bb0.jpg]

[Image: TTB8024_zps37c610e8.jpg]

[Image: TTB9025_zps86819803.jpg]

[Image: TTB10026_zps5abe208d.jpg]

end of part 1...since Beckett only allows 10 images on a message
really like the justice card
Some really nice stuff you've got there. I know a few people on here will be excited to see the Dave Justice auto. I know they're not FT yet, but I'd love a shot at the Miguel Cabrera and Stanton GUs when BV comes out.
(09-22-2012 07:33 PM)clintorris Wrote: [ -> ]really like the justice card

Thank you...I'd prefer if he was in a Braves uniform
please keep me in mind for the Royals! Thanks
Nice break! I'd be interested in the mets for sure
Kipnis , and justice in an Indians uni are sweet
Interested in the Yankees one Smile
Definitely interested in the Mattingly and the Bronx Bombers cards...
The Justice card looks great. That is a player you don't see much in the threads. Let me know if the O'Neill is available.
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