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I love this product, mainly b/c it used to be had on the cheap and you get lots of refractors. The latter still holds true, but it's tough to pick up for under $75 these days even though it used to run about $55 a year or so ago.

Anyways, pulled 6 refractors all told, base refractors were nothing to write home about (Loy Vaught and Charles O'Bannon- yikes), but the rest are in the scan.

[Image: 97-98bowmansbestbreak001_zpsb91af385.jpg]

The Kobe Best Techniques is just a regular insert, as is the McGrady best picks, but the rest are all refractors! The Olajuwon atomic and Kobe Mirror Image refractor are both 1:96 pulls. The Kobe Mirror Image does have a refractor line on the opposite side (Pippen/Van Horn on that side), but apparently that doesn't factor in much when a card is graded, so hooray for that haha.

As usual, all are FS/FT. Thanks for looking!
No GPs Sad nice pull on the mirror image and atomic olajuwon
(09-22-2012 03:57 PM)crimedawg47 Wrote: [ -> ]No GPs Sad nice pull on the mirror image and atomic olajuwon

Yeah but I pulled his base refractor and base atomic refractor in the same box last time! No way I was gonna do any better than that for ya haha.

I may be taking a hiatus from box busting, but I'll check the card show tomorrow for some stuff for ya! Do you need either of those Kobes, by chance?
I've got both of those kobes...need the atomics of both so keep bustingSmile
i think i need those kobes buck, check me out.
Sweet kobes
Nice Break!!!
Congrats on another nice break from the past, sweet refractors.
(09-23-2012 05:18 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]i think i need those kobes buck, check me out.

Ping you have a ton of nice bait but nothing I need PC-wise. I'd sell ya both if you're interested! Otherwise I'd like to hang onto them for something PC for a bit if that's ok Smile

And thanks for the comments everyone!
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