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bought a few packs a aj jenkins pp jersey and a todd christensen back to the future prime 3 clr patch 48/49.
the hightlight of the break was this tho...

[Image: 001_zps69e588be.jpg]

the only thing it would potentially be for trade for would be high end hockey. card is for sale...ill probably keep it, but if someone blows me away with an offer, i would move it. thanks.
That is awesome!!!! Did you see the inception one I pulled a while back...? Pretty sweet man, can't go wrong with a 1/1!
ya had nicer players for sure, but i still love it
Bro I wouldnt complain that card is SAAAAWWWWWEEEETTTTTTTT!!!
Holy F-bomb that thing is sweet! Nice hit.
yea i would say thats a "highlight", sick!!!
thanks...i was pretty surprised it ended up in a box in a little town in nw iowa.
Wow that card is amazing.
Simply wowowowowowowowow
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