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Been meaning to give you guys an update on this project. I managed to get the 2 final pieces I needed, the /199 and the base refractor one. Haven't really had any "big" typical pick ups as I been getting because I've been laying low waiting on certain cards to appear.

The auto's are horribly inconsistent but it doesn't bother me at all, I find it hilarious and makes me realize just how much of a pain it would be to sign so many stickers.

Without further ado here it is:

[Image: morseref_zps1a0c9000.jpg]
[Image: morserefblue_zps7c58537c.jpg]
[Image: morserefgold_zps65db2a21.jpg]
[Image: morserefred_zps2dcb90bf.jpg]
[Image: morserefatomic_zpsf4d14501.jpg]
[Image: morserefsuper_zps820faab1.jpg]

[Image: morserefrainbow_zps3625c6a6.jpg]

Yeah, it's not a MASTER rainbow which requires the 4 plates, I lost every single auction on them and I just said screw it, I have a good enough rainbow. Sorry for the crappy pics, still investing in a scanner/printer Smile

If any Morse collectors or any Nationals collectors have any interest, I may be willing to sell the rainbow, but only for the right price.

If anyone who has better looking patches in the Red /25 and Atomic /5, I'd be willing to trade straight up. Also, if you or someone you know owns the plates, lead me to them, I'd be willing to buy. Big Grin

Thanks for looking everyone, hope everyone is doing well!

sweet looking cards!
no green?
There isn't green in BP relic autos. Blue & red. The auto only cards have green.
(09-22-2012 07:49 AM)acevanquish Wrote: [ -> ]There isn't green in BP relic autos. Blue & red. The auto only cards have green.

ah ok. thanks for the clarification. i thought they all had the same parallels.
Damn man I remember talking with you when you got the superfractor, one great rainbow to have!
ive got two plates heres a pic of one of them.. i may let it go send me an offer..and you know i may be interested in that super if your selling pm me a price

[Image: 2012platinumplateautomemmorse001.jpg]
Congratulations on the rainbow set.
awesome rainbow Zach!!!Big Grin
It seems like the gold /50 parallels have the best patches. I'm collecting the Ethier rainbow and my gold parallel has a much better/larger patch. I was happy to receive the red #01/25 in the mail but it only had a super small piece of red patch in one corner. I was kind of bummed.
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