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I have a very rare 66 Topps card that I luckily found at a garage sale. I read an article saying it's probably the scarcest in the 66 Topps set, the Bart Shirley/ Grant Jackson #591 card. It looks to be in average shape for its age. between a 7 to 8 if it was BGS graded.

My question is should I grade it even if it might receive a 7 or even 6.5, will it go up in value? I've seen these on ebay sell from anywhere from 50 to 90 in it's ungraded form, and some of them aren't in the best condition.

Maybe I should upload a higher quality pic of my Shirley/Jackson for you guys to assess? I just found a PSA of 7 that sold for 195
A picture would be nice. We'd be able to see exactly what it looks like.
keep in mind, the older the card, the GRADING CURVES are lower.
Meaning that a 3 or 4, still could be worth a lot of $$$$.
I seen some in very bad shape. So yes. get it graded!!!
Thanks for the replies guys. I think I will get it graded.. I also have some close ups of the corners..

Here are some pics I took:

[Image: IMG_1042_zpscac4937e.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1042_zps61bf7876.jpg]
Would you guys get this card graded by beckett or PSA? I really want to do beckett, but just curious what other's opinions are
I think that card will grade no better than a 5. Centering is 80/20 on back 70/30 on front. Front top left corner has peeling, top right has a ding. Jackson also looks to have wax staining. I'm assuming the tape is on the loader. I would not grade this card unless it's for your PC.
I wouldn't grade it, too many flaws , sell it raw with a scan . It's a tough card and a lot of people don't have the money for a really nice one. By the way you are right , that was a real tough card to find when I finished my set 5 years ago.
I agree, I would sell it raw. Too many flaws.
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