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So I decided I wanted to spell "MR NOVEMBER" but realized I cant afford to buy all those Jeters. So instead, I am just going to make it happen with other people. I will only use people that I like and/or are local to New England and would prefer all the letters to be navy blue but would consider any color. All offers on SP autographed letter cards for the letters M-R-N-O-V-E-B are greatly appreciated. I am breaking a triple threads box next week so if you want to check back in a couple weeks I may have more options. Thanks!!!
It would help me if I had some names of players you like.
I am not going to be really picky. I will list some interests below:

...or anyone that was a yankee at some point
Giants (new york)
UConn (I know a calhoun "N" exists)
Pre-steriod HOF
Current players that are not known to have taken steriods (no bonds, mcguire, canseco, knoblauch, palmeiro etc)
Players that played the game "right"

I hope that helps! Thanks!
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