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(09-20-2012 09:58 PM)robsvideos Wrote: [ -> ]I'm working on the base set. If you have any to trade. Please let me know. Thanks.

i have some base....bought a few packs too....
I have lots of platinum and finest. Pm me your needs.
I would NOT trade 2 Montana's and a Young auto for a Peyton Auto Plate
Love that Number 9, sad that he's on IR, but hopefully he'll be in Brees' solid corps next season.
Would LOVE to trade ya for the Toon if it's available...very, very interested!
Please check me if the Payton is FT. If I don't have anything you are interested in, please PM me a price? Thanks!
Pretty good hits, i'm a bit skeptical on buying a box though as I've seen too many bad boxes compared to a box like this...btw Lamar Miller did pretty good in his 1st game for the Phins!!
Also, I am glad they have undrafted free agents. Otherwise there would be no 2009 autos of Arian Foster! (Ok, so there is only a couple anyway, but still...)
Interested in the Chandler Jones if your trading. Let me know, thanks!
Nice payton !!!!!!
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