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I have had a problem with my "All Items" folder in organize for awhile shows that I have 1991 cards in the folder however I just went through and deleted not only all of my collections and folders and emptied the trash multiple times..The other problem that I have is that when I click on the All Items used to show me all of the cards in my organize..however now it shows that no items are present nor when I search to try to delete cards based on year, name, etc.. It says there is nothing there...however still says I have 1991 cards in organize..and to make things worse since I am trying to redo my organize when I try to add cards from the opg it shows that the cards are already in my org..Please assist in anyway possible..May need tech support..Thanks, Rodney

I am still having the issue with my one has helped..and I feel that it is very crappy service..if we as members have to pay for something that does not work properly and when you call customer service you have to have a farsi translator with you to get through to anyone since all of the customer service reps seem to be in a call center in India or Pakistan..Are there any phone numbers that actually go to someone whom can actually do anything with the online accounts or just the monkeys that answer the customer service phone number??? Any one that works in the Developer department at beckett that can help it would be greatly appreciated..
the help board isnt monitored by paid beckett's for member to member help. have you contacted any of the admins? like wstjr?

the customer service line would no idea how to fix a tech issue

pm wstjr or another admin. they are your best best
thanks..I had contacted floydtown and no avail on getting the problem fixed..I will contact wstjr

EDITED: wstjr is no longer a beckett user apparently.
he is out of town- Traci will answer when she reads your PM, I have alerted her. CS cant help with website tech issues.
So in other words I may get some help with this problem within the time frame that my OPG's expire..thanks
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