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[Image: 2012-09-19_15-00-29_212_zps1e400129.jpg]
Wow! So many posts on these boards often talk about getting your money's worth.. Out of a product.

In my opinion Triple Threads is beautiful, unique, and heavy on big named talent...

I wish I could afford it and thank you for sharing!

Very nice break...
the Gallardo card is awesome!
Sweet Winfield's!!
(09-19-2012 06:55 PM)tntmclmm Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet Winfield's!!

It's one card
Those are amazing cards - I didn't realize Jeff Conine had an award named after him!
very beautiful indeed. grats!
Awesome! I see you didn't hit the 1/1 that's in every case though...but good break.
You can check me for the "Hotlanta Superstars"
Nice break, loving TTT this year.
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