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I am a big fan of the Ice cards so I got 2 boxes of each. Here are the results. The Miller came in the mail the other day.

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The Miller is the only card I am keeping the other cards are for trade. They aren't in my org yet so if your interested send a pm or leave a message here.
Nice stuff
Not to bad of a break, nice hit on the Toews auto. Too bad you couldn't have pulled me the Crosby Ice /99, that would have been sweet.
sweet toews
sweet haul.
Sweet breaks with the Mihalik...I'm such a big fan of Ice but boy are they some tough boxes.

I once opened an 08-09 blaster and pulled a Stamkos Fresh Threads and Mihalik RC. Little did I know that those results aren't typical. Anyways, it's why I also dig your Mihalik /100, rookie jerseys, and of course the Toews.
Very nice stuff, Nick! Congrats on the Toews and Miller Autos!

Nice pulls! Ice is a nice product but I agree with the above VERY hit or miss.
Interested in the Turco auto
05/06 Ice was so watered down because of the missed 04/05 season, it was pretty uneventful in terms of highlights.

Girodano and Richardson are the only players who are playing in the NHL as of last season.

The autographed jerseys were mostly redemptions, and obviously those have expired.

It was priced reasonably back then, and I would imagine its probably pretty inexpensive now considering how most of the Crosby/Ovechkin RC's have already been pulled.
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