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Hey everyone, im still looking to complete 2012 topps heritage sets.Im looking for some sp's , JFK story, new age perf., 1 then and now(Hank) and a bunch of stick on.All my wants are in my org.
i've got some SP's and other listed in my org.
I have some if you want to check
I also have some listed.
thx for looking guys...offer sent
i have some listed FT. I'm looking for a couple more SP's as well. Open offer sent
a few trade made...thx guys...but im still looking for a lot more
Check my org. looking to get rid of them all.
(09-19-2012 07:45 PM)mweber012 Wrote: [ -> ]Check my org. looking to get rid of them all.

You dont have any 2012 topps heritage in your org.
offer sent
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