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I am trying to delete all cards in my organize and start from scratch...I have deleted all of the folders that i created, however when I try to go into the "ALL ITEMS" folder to delete the cards it will not bring up any cards...anyone else having this issue?? How do I delete all of the cards and start from scratch..It also will not allow me to do a search and delete the cards..I would just search by year..until I found all of them..but it won't even allow that..Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance!! Rodney
That is one that I cannot explain. Maybe something happened when you deleted the Folders without deleting the contents first? I know that there are other members that are having similar experiences, so I hope that some help can come soon.

thanks..I was having the same issue before deleting any folders..All Items had 2600 cards however when I clicked on it..there were none..however if I added them to recently added..I could click on that folder and find them..but not found in the All Items tab..
all items is a system folder, do you cant move them from that folder, just add to other collections. the only ay to remove things from all items is to move them to trash, where they will remain until you empty the trash

so: check your trash folder...what's in there>?
There is nothing in my trash I said there is an error in my organize..thanks for trying to help..I really need someone from beckett...some IT/Tech guy/gal to help in this..there are no collections..and like I said when I try to pull up the cards that are Supposedly still added..The "All Items" search will not show any of them..
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