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Full Version: MailDay coming soon
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1964 Topps Giants

[Image: 64mantlegiants.jpg]
Newest edition coming:
1967 Topps #150
[Image: 67mantle_zps227c6812.jpg]

Had several opportunities on others, but got outbidded late last night.
Very nice! Love some Mantles!
Another MICKEY MANTLE addition coming soon:
1961 #307 World Series 2
[Image: 61mantle307.jpg]
That is some great Mantle pickups. Congratulations.
Oh wait! Just picked up one of my WHITE WHALES!!
Yes. its another Mantle!

Not the best of shape, but heck I got one now, and its graded and by PSA
and got it at a sweet of a deal too!

[Image: 56mantle.jpg]
Sniped a card minutes ago!!! Awesome deal here on this Mantle

1968 Topps #280
[Image: 68Mantle280.jpg]
Been away for a while, probably forgot to post some here, but heres the lastest that came in today:
[Image: Mantleprobstein003.jpg]

[Image: Mantleprobstein002.jpg]

[Image: Mantleprobstein001.jpg]
Nice cards. Thanks for sharing. Love to see those old Mantles
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