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Sucker Play opening boxes!!

With card manufactures continuing to raise the retail prices of products. Will it ever be worth it to spend $100 plus on a product that is not a complete set. Just seen so many box openings of high end products that end up being sold for a super low faction of what was paid. I know this hobby is not an investment, but if you spend big bucks on a product I would expect a good percentage value back. Ebay has killed sellers with 1 in 5 boxes being worth the price and 1 in 10 being a great find. What do you think is good and wrong with the high end products?
supply/demand - if we pay it they will charge it
The whole thing with those high end sets like that is the gamble. It's just like going to a casino and hoping to hit the jackpot on the slots. Most times it won't pan out but when it does it's worth every penny you paid. That being said high end stuff definitely isn't for everyone although it seems like everyone feels like they need at least 1 box to show they are in the clique so to speak of hardcore collectors.
I think manufacturers are starting to move more towards high-end because they only have to make 8 cards per box instead of 100. Personally, I like base/parallels/etc because Id rather be able to open 1 pack than be forced to open a whole box
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