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Hey guys,
Foolishly or not, I have decided to take on another set of these from 2011/12 UD Authentic by the letter autos.
Anyway, these are what I am after, please LMK if you can help Smile

SAN FRANCISCO Bill Cartwright - I need the S
DUKE Christian Laettner - I need the D and K
new player added Smile
List updated again, please help me out! Smile
list is getting lower, can anyone help?
Dang, thought I could, but I have a Cassell "L"
(10-04-2012 09:28 AM)htowntigger Wrote: [ -> ]Dang, thought I could, but I have a Cassell "L"

Anyone else?
updated again, can anyone help me complete the sets?
so close to finishing them!!! Please check your trade lists people!!! Smile
any help with these?
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